Today is a big day for me, Fridays are always a sort of “going deep” day. Which is something I enjoy working with my clients to do with me. The goal is instead of jumping from fractured time to fractured time we cultivate a habit of spending focused time on specific subjects to develop. So going deep into something important. Friday I go deep into a field of study, especially those things I don’t necessarily enjoy like marketing and social media:). Maybe its something you find you need help working on as well, going deep, getting the skills acquired to move forward confidently? 

I know how easy it is to procrastinate or just never seem to find the time due to other obligations or simply time thieves like Facebook or whatever else that keeps us from our focus and actually going deep into the things that need the attention to be uninterrupted. 

What I do is a schedule, and this works for me, two hours every Friday to tackle the tasks like marketing or other educational topics that I need to develop better ability in. I also mark out in my planner additional “deep” tasks that need attention and to be finished. Friday becomes my big, make decisions, and accelerate myself day. I also keep a couple of hours available to give back, which is another important task I find for personal development. All and all that makes my Fridays the best and oftentimes the most fun days of my week. 

It makes it the most fun because I know on this day my (ROSE) rate of self-evolution, is my focus. I get to make a significant connection with myself on this day every week. 

If this sounds interesting and you want more information, tasks, goals orientation, just plain help, well let me know, and let’s get to work together. Click the links follow the social media, you know what to do:) 

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