June 17th between the redwoods and the river. Oak King and the Midsummer is also known as Litha, more widely known as the summer solstice, is the festival of light & joy of summer! The day the Bright Lord, Waxing God, Light, our Oak King is at his most powerful! Most folklores tell it as the day the Oak King, delivering a fatal blow to the Holly King, is victorious over the land. Bonfires are lit on the tops of hills, at places held sacred, to honor the fullness of the sun. The fires represent the sun at the top of it strength. Blazing torches are carried sunwise around homes and fields and coals are scattered on fields to ensure a good harvest. The people gather in masses to celebrate the longest day of the year; drinking mead as they frolic with great mirth! Humans are not alone in their gatherings, for the fairies, elves, hobgoblins, sprites, dwarves and many more are out as well… but beware, for not, all are there to merry-make! As the day of the Oak King draws nearer we’d love to tell you more about the good/evil fairies, cultural influences the pagan religion has had on today’s world, the yin&yang that is the Oak/Holly Kings, and (of course!) information on the Oak King Festival!

All donations and volunteers are welcome as well as vendors & bands that wish to be a part of this truly one of a kind event! Please like, share & invite your friends!

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