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All of my classes are “Mastermind Peer encounter groups“ offered through Moonlight River Ministry. With suggested donation amounts to join. The donation is going to maintain Moonlight River ministry. To give you more options for self-improvement and self-betterment through personal transformation, education, meditation, and trance work.

Workshops are one-day open to the public weekly or monthly sessions. Available for group training in specific aspects of magic spirituality and self-improvement. Workshops are my way of giving back to the community and offering services to those curious about coaching, hypnosis, spiritual development, and Moonlight River Ministry. 

All of the classes workshop and free stuff I offer is intended for advocational, vocational self-improvement.

Rev Sinnerael and Moonlight River ministry are happy to offer this weekly event in Santa Rosa California. This is free and allows for trance space meditation. Meditation has numerous benefits and allows one to reach inside to come in contact with spirit. Space is limited for the in-person session. Please book immediately for times and details.

It’s so easy to feel stuck, to feel out of balance with our inner self. Trancework meditation brings us back into focus and aligns with our higher selves. Opening to a healthier happier more grounded life experience.

NEW* Also on Fridays, I have a new book witchy club where we work through a book on magic in a mastermind style training setting with discussion. This is right after the trance, guided meditation journey.

FREE Workshops and groups

Find me on Facebook REV SINNERAEL

I have several groups I run. We keep in contact through Facebook or meet in person. If you would like to join any of these open interests and educational groups, please message me to be added. They are free though donations are very appreciated.

Moonlighters Paranormal Society– A new project to bring a paranormal investigation order to Sonoma County through Moonlight River ministry as a nonprofit endeavor that will educate in the realm of spirits and possible hauntings. With a pagan approach to respect for those entities, spirits, and ancestors. While offering additional spiritual services if needed for house cleansing, energy work, and ceremonies.

Pagans by Moonlight network– A Pagan Freecycle, ask offers, auction, and resource. All are welcome. Help our community in support of one another.

Pagan BNI -A network for service providers in the spiritual, metaphysical community to support one another’s efforts and cross-promote, refer, and build businesses.

Masters and Students study hall– Group discussions & projects for one on one students and those registered in my classes or being mentored. If you feel you would benefit from my guidance this is the group for you.

Witches of Moonlight River Ministry– A discussion group for members of Moonlight River Ministry. Topics can range across all realms of magic and spirituality (including but not limited to- the Esoteric, Occult, Right hand /Left-hand path, sympathetic magic, Paganism, Hermetic, and Teutonic)

Just one supportive adult cuts the chance an LGBTQ youth will attempt suicide by 40%

0ver 1.8 million young LGBTQ people considered suicide each year. Any supportive adult can make a difference.

My services, mentoring, coaching, etc are FREE to those at risk. You don’t need to feel without hope.

I, Rev Sinnerael and Moonlight River ministry pledge to offer services to our more at-risk communities. If you have special circumstances, feel there’s nowhere to turn to contact me for help. 

We are a pagan nonprofit dedicated to our witchy community and those beyond regardless of dogma. Moonlight River ministry will always keep a candle lit for you.

Spirit over dogma 

-Rev Sinn. 

As a service-oriented multi-faith non-profit we work together to help our community, guided by the culture, mission, and vision of our organization, Moonlight River ministry.


All classes have a subscription donation and can be done in a group setting or one on one as mentoring. More to come from my Patreon.

Alchemy- A seemingly magical
process of transformation,
creation, or combination.

In this process, we as the magicians work through the metaphysical archetypes to change, remove, old beliefs and create anew the core concepts of self.

With archetypal imaging, such as the inner mage, the dragon, and walking each elemental force you will be able to transform into your truest and highest self.

Connecting with guides and unlocking your gifts the path of self is opened to you. Enhancing your abilities and strengthening your purpose in this life. Removing past blocks and resolving internal conflicts. Your shadow is given the tools to release all that holds you back. As you become The true master of your magical self. The Magician, the Witch.

Summoners X – An exchange of invocation and evocation magical practice. This peer-driven Mastermind group is a monthly commitment to magical practice following the traditions of summoning magic. Often more from the Solomonic traditions but not limited to them. We will work with spirits, Angels, and Daemons.

Invocation brings the strength of the entity into ones being while evocation brings the influence of the being into one’s world. These influences being summoned to give guidance, health, wealth, protection and a host of other possibilities. Some understanding of the principles of magic is suggested

Chaos magic– is a contemporary magical practice. initially developed in England in the 1970s, drawing heavily from the philosophy of artist and Occultist Austin Osmon Spare Sometimes referred to as “success magic” or “results-based magic”, chaos magic specifies the attainment of specific results over the esoteric or otherwise ornamental aspects of other occult traditions.

Chaos magic has been described as a union of traditional occult techniques and postmodernism.

Utilizing the process of sigil creation and development of thought-forms for specific tasks chaos magic lends a powerful magical understanding of any mystical tradition or belief system.

More to come!!

We will be introducing more sessions and lectures to our class list soon. 

Past workshops we have offered. 

  • Sigil magic an into to chaos

  • Dream interpretation, how to.

  • Pendulum divination introduction

  • Reiki Share

I’d love to connect. 
Here’s my calendar link to make finding time easy. 

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