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If you feel you would benefit from a single session and not a program, I offer sessions at 150$ for the hour.

If you would like an email coaching session to help find your way and get some advice, I offer one at 60$ message me through this site or at 


Guidance through the 5 stages of healing from Abandonment, Heartbreak, and Loss

There are many stages of grief that most of us are familiar with. However, breakups differ from the standard grief model in many key areas. The Survival program will help navigate through all the stages you face. Many times, all five stages are visited and revisited. For some, only a couple of the stages are the sticking points. For others still, it’s one stage that needs to be overcome that perhaps persists relationship after relationship. No two heart-breaks are the same. Get the help you need to ease through the painful transitions, move through all the spiraling phases, and find balance within while having needed emotional support.

  • Overcome the heartbreak caused by the loss of love.
  •  Heal the underlying abandonment wound from past and present trauma.
  •  Find your way back to your center, building self-esteem & overcoming the fear of rejection
  •  Resolve issues of mistrust and insecurity
  •  Identify the self-defeating behaviors that may have led to your break-up
  • Increase your capacity for love, for others and yourself

Whether you’re hoping to re-attract your ex-partner to be able to move on and find someone new the strategy we develop for your success will help you heal and reduce the pain of separation.

From the first shock of despair through the waves of hopelessness to the tentative efforts to make new connections, you don’t have to suffer and you don’t have to suffer alone.

With solid powerful recovery tools and coaching you will have new skills that will help you for the rest of your life. Along with proven hypnosis techniques to reduce the pain of the break-up Adding these tools to your subconscious mind releasing and reducing the pain and separation anxiety.

The Break-Up Survival program is a path of self-improvement. If you do the work you will feel better and bring a better version of yourself to your next relationship. If that’s getting back your ex or finding someone better for you. But you must do the work otherwise you may find your ex reaching out to you and have no idea how to handle it or what in you needed work and they will only lose them again. Or you will find someone new but carry the past pain over into the next relationship. We will make sure with your strategy whatever your goal is the core personal improvement will help you be more confident, happy, loving and capable of success.

There is a way out, a way through & a way back to love. Work with me to create your strategy today.


Programs are specially developed, structured hypnotic and coaching sessions that require a commitment on your part. Real change comes from within. The programs I offer have additional steps to follow for success with the hypnosis sessions. Each program package is customized to address your personal root issues and overcome subconscious resistance to the change you seek.

The intake session usually runs 90 minutes and includes your first hypnosis session. Then you will have four weekly one hour sessions and email support. Once your day and time are confirmed that will be the weekly time slot that you can count on unless other arrangements need to be made. 

Your Break-Up ‘SURVIVAL’ strategy is 500$ Click below to fill out the necessary information and get help right away.

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