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You must DO what 94 out of 100 people DON’T do: quit smoking the RIGHT way; you must stop smoking the easy way: quit smoking hypnosis.

If you are ready to stop smoking hypnosis now contact me for a no-cost, no-obligation phone consultation. Discover how clinical hypnosis can help you stop smoking cigarettes, how it works, and how I tailor a confidential private session to your unique needs.

Steps for Success

INTERVIEW: The first step in being successful in changing the habit of smoking is the interview. Through this process, we will get to know what makes you a smoker, if you are truly ready to stop and how many sessions to expect. This interview allows us to find what drives you, what motivates you to quit and your strategy can then be customized to your success in improving yourself.

FIRST SESSION: The first session lays the solid foundation and puts into place your program. Setting intentions and usually takes around 2 hours to complete. You will be hypnotized and after coming out, or waking up, we will go over all tools and your plan, how to use them. This is the first step to personal responsibility and freedom from smoking.

REINFORCEMENT: “NOT ONE MORE CIGARETTE”: The reinforcement session is set up for 3 to 7 days after the first session. We check in review tools and how the plan is working for you. We then do the induction again reinforcing the positive changes and reducing any issues that have come up with being free from smoking.

A RECORDING: Part of your program will include a recorded portion of hypnosis to continue to reinforce the freedom you will feel from smoking. You will have much greater success if you follow the instructions and tools given including listening every night to your recording.

FOLLOW UP & ADDITIONAL SESSIONS: Most people will be able to quit and stay smoke-free from the first or second sessions. Some smokers require additional reinforcement and tools. Those sessions are handled as needed in addition to the program. Beyond the 3 to 7-day reinforcement, you can expect a follow-up as well in 3 weeks to see if how the entire process was for you and if you would like further assistance with this or any other issue we may be able to address together.

THE STOP SMOKING PROGRAM is a 300$ system to live smoke-free forever. The benefits to health, happiness, and life pay for themselves in no time. As well as financial freedom from the exorbitant cost of maintaining a smoking habit.

Quitting is a process that will work with preparation and step-by-step adherence to a plan. You must feel very strongly that you are ready to quit before you move on. If you are ready, let’s get going!

 “Moonlight river ministry and Rev Sinnerael are committed to your health and wellness. Being in command of one’s own life is the path of higher expression of spirit, this deeper connection to the soul is the higher self. Through mind, body and spirit education, you can live your best life. It’s time to release lessons learned from the past that don’t serve your highest good”. -Rev Sinn

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