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 Setting Lights is a time-honored method for focusing the energy of prayer and spell-work. We will dress your candle with our special blends of oils and herbs.  Traditional prayer and contemporary mystical practices go into the crafting, lighting, and disposal of your candle. An image of your completed candle along with a report of its portents is standard with all services.

Candle magic 

Setting Lights, or candle-altar service, is a service in which Rev Sinnerael and Moonlight River Ministries will set and burn a fixed Vigil-candle on top of a client’s petition for a period of 5 to 7 days. Rev Sinnerael will light a candle that he has dressed with a specific mix of anointing oils and prepared herbs to generate the specific effect you seek. We will email you photo updates of your dressed candle, along with insights on the progression of your spell, derived from how the candle burned. Traditional candle service – $20This most basic candle service includes the selection and dressing of a candle aligned to your needs, which will then be set to light on our altars. Custom candle – $30 and up If the outcome you seek is not addressed by any of our basic candle options, you need a custom candle. Rev Sinnerael will design sigils unique to your goal, and dress your candle with a customized conjure blend of herbs and oils. Candle RunsKeep an active flame burning for you, one candle after another, with a candle run. As with our Traditional Service, we will choose from among our exclusive line of labeled glass devotional candles.

3 candle run – $55
7 candle run – $120
9 candle run – $160
12 candle run – $190
ORDERING YOUR CANDLE: Fill out an order form, and within 3-5 days your candle will be dressed and empowered based on your individual needs. On the order form, please note your full name and a description of what you intend the spell will provide. Include all information or a request for a consultation. Dated Candles: If you wish for your candle to be lit on a specific date then please include this date in your memo and we will wait until then to set your light. Please keep in mind that it can take up to five days to dress and empower a normal candle so we are unable to accept date requests that are sooner than this. Pictures: If you are setting a light on someone’s behalf and wish for us to utilize a picture in our work please indicate such in the note with the candle description and then email the picture(s) to If we do not receive the pictures within 24 hours we will proceed without them. 


We will not light candles for negative outcomes, such as hexes or curses unless it is deemed appropriate during a previous reading/consultation with Rev Sinnerael. We maintain the right to refuse to hex. BEFORE YOU PROCEED TO CHECKOUT, include a note in the box provided with your full name and a BRIEF description of any details that are pertinent to your goal (i.e. other people’s full names, dates, description of your desired outcome, etc.) Candles purchased without descriptions will be set for blessings on behalf of the person whose name appears on the transaction. 

In keeping with tradition, all items are sold as curios.

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