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Tarot is a divination system that uses a set of cards to gain insight and achieve greater control over issues involving relationships, opportunities, and life changes.

Tarot cards speak to the deep mind, one’s unconscious and more. The metaphors presented in these images go beyond the individual and call to our collective unconscious. Tarot assists by lending a voice through pictures to our greater subtle reality; Peering into the vibrations of the world largely unseen to gain immediate insight and a view of the currents that will play out in one’s life. 

The history of Tarot symbolism is shrouded in mystery. Some of the Tarot symbols are thought to have originated in China, India or Egypt. Tarot cards date back to 15th century Spain, Italy, and France, although they are thought to have existed prior to that as well, the exact date of their origination is unknown. 

​ My Tarot readings include  3, 5, and 10 card readings, or consultation by the hour for more complex work. 

Basic Reading
Basic reading is great if you need guidance on a particular facet of your life.  I use a five-card spread for basic readings.  This allows me to find what the core of the situation is and divine potential solutions and insights.  The three-card spread will show your current frame of mind, any obstacles you may face, and advice for moving forward.  The Basic Reading lasts 30 minutes.


Advanced Reading
I begin my advanced readings by concentrating carefully on you as I shuffle and layout a 9 card spread. I take considerable time interpreting the cards and their placement within the spread. This enables me to draw in-depth meaningful connections and insights.  As well as offering clarifying cards to understand the in-depth meaning of the situation. 


Get answers about...Love,
Hidden Truths
What Should You Do?
The Future
General Tarot
An outcome of a situation
How someone feels about you

Ask any question you’d like.

Please note your full name and a brief description of what you hope the reading will tell you. Try to make your question as clear as possible.

I also offer intuitive readings along with pendulum and rune readings. these are all available as diagnostic work for any situation you may be facing. The pricing is still done by the half-hour or hourly rates. Readings may be required prior to past life work, cord-cutting and other forms of energy and hypnosis sessions. 

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